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Three lines on a boy ultrasound?

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21-Sep-08 2:50 pm

 Does anyone have pictures that show three lines on a boy u/s?

 I had my ultrasound last week at 19.5 weeks and the baby's legs were very close together. I thought I saw three lines at first but then we also saw what looked like a penis too. My Dr wouldn't guess and didn't want to look very long b/c he said the legs were too close together to get a good look.

I know this baby is a boy--I've felt it very strongly from the beginning and we've already picked a boy name, we're not even discussing girl names and I only feel drawn to looking at boy clothes. I was really hoping for a girl though we would love any baby no matter what. 

But when I saw those three lines I almost let my hopes get up a little bit but I really don't want to go on thinking for the next 5 months that this  could be a girl when it is most likely a boy. Something similar happened with my first son so I know it happens but I don't have any pictures from that.  

And good news is everything looked good and the baby appeared to be very healthy. Happy

I wish I could get an elective scan but the cost is too much for us right b/c we have a lot of other expenses coming up and the closest place is a 4 hr drive from where we live.  

 Thanks for your help.  





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21-Sep-08 3:03 pm

I don't have a picture but for boys, the three lines have the middle line longer because the middle one runs up the penis; for girls, it's typically three even lines, or the middle line being longer toward the anus. Hope that helps - good luck!

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21-Sep-08 5:00 pm

I dont have a picture to show you but three lines is what I saw on my 20 week scan with the middle one slightly bigger than the others and I let myself get excited that it was a girl but they told me boy.  BEcause of this I had doubts.  However at 23 weeks scan it was soooo obviously a little boy. 

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21-Sep-08 5:34 pm

Yes, a boy can image with 3 lines if the tech/doctor is not careful.  I've seen an example or two of it online along with the "gender gone wrong" stories.  Here's what Charliecats has to say about it in her FAQ at the top of the forum:

Can you get 3 Lines on a Boy?

Absolutely. If the tech takes the picture from too far back (ie behind the scrotum, near the bum), you can get 3 lines. Tricky. The male bits are lying out in front of these lines. Especially if he has an erection (yes, that does happen).

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22-Sep-08 4:44 am

Hi there,

Not sure if my post would help, but here it is. As you can see frm the pix, Dr told us that he was certain that my baby would be a girl based on the 3 lines. However, a month later, she turns out to be a he. LOL. He is a boy allright, and is already 2 yrs old! HTH! 

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22-Sep-08 7:49 am

Not sure if this is what youa re looking for as it is a bad pic and there is cord but I put this pic up on another board and everyone thought girl and kept commenting about 3 lines



The tech told me it was a pic of the gender but CC said no gender seen in this pic.


The u/s before was sure boy and the one after in 3 d is def all boy

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22-Sep-08 8:34 am

Thanks for replying and posting pictures!! I'd love to see more.

 I can't remember if the lines were the same across or one was longer and I didn't get any pictures. I just know there were three lines. But then we saw something else too--just didn't get a good look. 

 My Dr. (who I normally think is awesome and very patient) didn't really want to spend much time looking. It was a little frustrating. 



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6-Oct-08 10:23 am

 I had my ultrasound done at 18 weeks and my technician told me that I was having a little boy, the first time we saw it, it was clearly a penis, but right before she turned the machine off, she looked for it again to get me a photo to mail to my hubby overseas, and it didn't look so much like one, just three lines.  I have the photo so I hope it helps if you saw similar to that.

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6-Oct-08 8:46 pm

Hi there, this was my 19wk 6day scan....However it is showing the penis as being forked (3lines) and this was a response I got from a U/S tech from another site...


The penis will often image as three lines.  It is a round structure and due to the physics of the sound waves and how the waves reflect off the rouded surface you will get the lines.  We see it all the time.  That's why it's important to be able to see the scrotum AND the penis.  The scrotum can image as three lines as if we get an image just showing the scrotum it can be confused for labia...same is true for an image just showing the can have three lines and then be confused as labia as well.




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18-Feb-09 12:31 pm

 I was told that 3 lines means a girl by the us techs but I'm hoping everyone is right and that a boy can image 3 lines in hope. With both of my us, the techs told me that the legs were closed but that it was a girl bc of the 3-lines. I have 2 other girls and have never been told about the 3-lines before. Our second us tech told me that if I researched it, I would see that 3-lines means girl and I told her I did and that it said boys can show 3-lines as well and she said "yea.....well.........I think it's a girl" and completely disregarded me. I don't have much trust in us though since they told me my second daughter was a boy and we planned the whole time and out popped a girl! LOL So were keeping our fingers crossed it's showing reverse again!

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18-Feb-09 12:50 pm

Here's my son's "three lines" ultrasound from around 20 weeks. His cord bunched up between his legs and pushed his penis to the side, so all we could see was the scrotum.

[Image removed]

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18-Feb-09 4:14 pm

We saw 3 definite lines on our 19 week ultrasound and then later the tech showed us an obvious penis! I have to say having seen both boys and girls ultrasound shots this session really threw me for a loop. The lines were very definite and the penis was definite we never found  the scrotum. I still find myself doubting becuase they were both so real and opposite sex (boy part trumps girl part in this situation lol) Sorry the tech did not give us a shot of the 3 lines just the boy part! I was just glad it happened all in one session!

Good Luck!

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19-Feb-09 1:53 pm

i am so excited to find this thread, the dr couldn't tell the gender but he did give me some pics, and on one pic i see 3 lines toward the bottom, so i was thinking girl, but after seeing this it gives me hope, i went back to look at the u/s pic and the center line is definitely taller, oh gosh, i am so happy that this is not the end, i get another u/s in 4 wks..

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20-Feb-09 1:36 pm

 LOL I know exactly how you feel! I was very excited to find this thread as well! So did the doctor point out the 3-lines or did you notice them? My first us tech said "I think it's GOING to be a girl...." and then quickly said "but that's not definite" so my husband asked why she thought that and she said it wasn't bc she didn't see boy parts-she couldn't see any parts! But she pointed out 3 lines and said this means girl and then on my second us the girl said the same thing and you can vaguely see 3 lines but the one in the middle is longer and the legs were completely shut and when I asked her about a boy imaging 3 lines she said "well.....yea that's means girl" and I just hated the uncertainty in both of their voices!! Since I already have 2 girls and this is the first time I'm hearing of them using this 3 line method and how unsure they sound I haven't really believed them 100%. Were planning a girl but still have that little bit of hope!! If you have the us pic, post it as I would like to see and definitely let me know if you get a second if you find out! My little one is being super stubborn!!

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21-Feb-09 11:51 pm

no the doctor did not point out the lines, i don't think he was looking for it in this picture but when he did try to get between the legs, we saw NOTHING, at all, just black, so i am thinking maybe the but was more towards the back to where HIS stuff wasn't showing (giggle) Stick out tongue

this is the u/s pic that i saw the lines on but i was told they are more like dots, either way i am just happy there is a chance.. lol. 4 weeks seems so long. lol

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